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Originally Posted by mariecon View Post
She supposedly stepped on broken glass in a Munich restaurant following the 2010 Wimbledon. But she has never been completely forthcoming with the details of this incident and the facts seemed to change every time she spoke of it. Then in early 2011 she had the blood clot incident that was so serious, she supposedly almost died. Yet a couple of months later she was back on the court. In all, she was out of the game for almost a year following Wimbledon 2010. Upon her return she seemed to be as good as ever.

Now that I think of it, there are many similarities to the current Nadal absence, including numerous injuries following Wimbledon and continuing on for months.
She was not as good as ever when she came back! She cried when she won her first round match at wimbledon 2011 (because she wasnt sure if she would ever play again because she almost died from the clot, btw i have a friend who died from this exact same thing - it is serious!) She was overweight and lost in round 3 or 4 to Bartoli. She won some titles but no slams that year. She suffered one hematoma on her stomach that year (she had to inject blood thinners to keep from clotting) that she admitted to. I saw her pull tape off her stomach during her Miami 2012 match when Woz beat her (she never mentioned it in presser, so who knows how many hematomas she played with). If you watch the 2011 and early 2012 matches she sometime seems short of breath, but by clay season 2012 she seemed to work it out. It was a long journey of recovery for her and women's tennis is lucky she made it. She is rich and accomplished enough that she could have just gave up, but instead she came back stronger. To say she was "supposedly" injured and came back good as ever either means you didn't watch any of the matches're a hater and you're unattractive inside.
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