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That's not true. I good 4.0 player could still blow through a 4.5 woman. Those numbers go out the window when men start cranking it up. It would maybe make it easier but it wouldn't be a non issue. I saw what was suppose to be some 5.0's playing at state next to us....two of them wouldn't have had a chance with good 4.0 men blowing them up at the net. They were both overweight and could barely keep their raquets up in front of them with the two girls they were playing so I could imagine what would happen if some men were hitting at them.

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Oh dear me, yet another thread about gender dynamics in mixed.

I've probably already said this 1,000 times, but any format that puts players of widely different skills levels on the same court at the same time, and then expects them to take it seriously and play a "competitive" match, is going to lead to problems.

If mixed were set up such that the female player needed to be 0.5 - 1.0 rating levels higher than the male player, gender would be a non-issue.
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