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That's exactly right. Too many women want to be on court but they only want to be in a position to bring down their own overheads at the net or do what they want to do...God forbid a man hit a ball to them at their feet and they don't bend down to half volley or dig it out. You are considered a head hunter. Their is head hunting and then there is going at the woman...big difference. Head hunting is hitting a ball at a woman's head from close me that is. I only do that to protect the woman that I'm playing with if the other man on the other side or the woman for that matter starts it. You have some women that live by the same ole thing they live by in real life(they think they can hit men but men shouldn't hit them back). I've seen some women that take it to the man or woman at the net but when it's their's wrong for the man to do it. I say if you are 4.0 and above you should be volleying so either have the sense to volley or get back. Men have to do it in men's doubles. We know what strokes we can and can't handle and govern accordingly. Women should do the same and not whine about being targeted.

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If they're 4.0's, they can make their own decision to stay at net or move back. Unless we're playing a friendly match or the girl is lower than 4.0, she gets the same strokes and the same serves as the guys. If you're there to play, play. It's not a game of courtship. I'm not going to nail a girl flat out with a ball, but if my only shot is to hit the ball to her, it's her job to defend against it.
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