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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Old fellow, I'm quite sure about the right chronology. Haydn composed his best works only AFTER Mozart's death.

Haydn's middle age symphonies are much weaker than his last ones, influenced by Mozart's masterpieces.

Mozart made a genial symphonie as early as 1773, his fabulous Little g-Minor, much sooner than Haydn's relative great ones.

Mozart and Haydn respected each other. Mozart's Haydn-Quartetts outclass Haydn's quartetts.

Beethoven dedicated works to Haydn but he did not admire Haydn. A dedication does not mean too much.

I guess we should return now to returns, services and similary items.
Wrong again, ole bean.

Mozart died 5 December 1791. Haydn went to London in January of 1791, whereupon he started writing the first of his culminating London Symphonies (nos. 93-104). The earliest of which (numbered incorrectly as no. 96) premiered in London in March 1791.

Mozart's Symphony no. 25 in G minor, K. 183 is fairly pleasant and genial, but if you want to hear "feelings" and emotions from an early Classical period work try Haydn's symphonies no. 43 Mercury or no. 44 Trauersymphonie written in 1772 one year before Mozart's "genial" symphony no. 25.

The facts deny many of your statements, and the chronology contradicts many of your unfounded assertions.
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