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Ollinger....yeah, that french study turned out to be poorly done.

And that speaks to one of the key issues that laymen have with this issue. I'm not a chemist or a biologist so my ability to see a study and then assess its validity is beyond limited. I read the laundry list of stuff like at this site:

and I'm concerned. Do I view any of that as definitive 'proof' of the dangers of GM foods? Nope. But it would seem to me that neither can its proponents demonstrate the safety of these foods. So, here we are in the midst of a grand, large scale experiment on the impact of GM foods on human health. The results of that experiment could very well be benign to positive, but those are not dice I'm willing to roll.

I thought this page always points to some nice resources. I'd be lying if I said I could fully assess the validity of the papers linked in this article, but they seem (to me) to raise points worthy of discussion.
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