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Originally Posted by Topspin101 View Post
I own and string several O ports and always start my mains with the short side on the right with the P facing down. Am I missing something here like maybe you are talking about 1 pc stringing?
You do just what I do when stringing 1 piece. I put logo up and SS is on left (most of the time - not always.) I string all rackets with the logos up.

EDIT: I take that back I had one guy that always the wanted the points of his pitchfork (Wilson W) facing his opponent when hitting a forehand, and the tails on the knots point toward his opponent. Had to wrap the grip a certain way so it was also comfortable to hold that way. When he had a grip changed once he said they put it on backwards. That way he say he could really stick his forehand. Those are the only rakckets I mounted upside down.
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