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Originally Posted by papertank View Post
Looking at AO stats today, I saw Murray has only hit one double fault the entire tournament and I thought that was pretty impressive. It got me thinking, has anyone in history ever won a tournament without double faulting?
Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
Murray finishes with 7 df's in 7 matches.

Nadal won '08 French with 5 df's(can't seem to find one lower than that in a major in recent years)
Originally Posted by McEnroeisanartist View Post
Better question: highest ace/double fault differential in a grand slam?
Originally Posted by mattennis View Post
0 double faults in a whole tournament is not something necessarily good.

For example, I don't expect Goran having 0 DF in a tournament, because his second serve was so potent, with such spin and well placed that it is impossible for him to not DF many times in a whole tournament.

On the other hand, his super-aggresive second serve gave him totally the command of the points (if not the point directly because of it being an unreturned second serve), so it was a good strategy for him even if he double-faulted 10 times per match or so on average.
it's not a slam but i've got roddick with 70 aces and 1 DF when winning lyon in 2005... now beat me that !
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