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Originally Posted by Marshredder View Post
Put it this way.

$12,803,737 was Djokovic's prize money in 2012. Thats just prize money, not including any additional income from endorsements and deals etc.

$40,000 is approximately 0.3% of his yearly prize earnings.

Now put in in comparison. Lets assume the average person here earns around $40,000.

The equivalent impact to that persons earnings each year is $120.

Don't know about you guys, but I would pay $120 ANYDAY to have someone string and customise all my racquets.
Nice ideia, but you finished with a "wrong" conclusion. Pro's aren't wasting money, we are, because i bet most of the tennistalk members, who don't own a stringing machine, spend more than 120$ a year with stringjobs fees and racquet services (not including the string here).
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