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I would love to see her play. I left that tournament so proud. My girl gave up a foot in height, 30-50 lbs to every opponent. She played one entire set with a bloody nose, never even let me or any adult know it was bleeding as her court was in the middle of a row of courts. All I could see is she kept going to the water fountain and washing it. Never gave up, ended the match with a shirt covered in blood, got to the finals and lost to one of the tallest, long armed, pushing freaks of a girl I have ever laid eyes on!

But she gained a ton of valuable experience.
I believe playing while bleeding is against the rules - blood on court is considered a bio-hazard. I once stopped my daughter's match when she was seriously bleeding and took a lot of flack for it from her afterwards - they put a tight bandage on her knee and she could not move.
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