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Originally Posted by BruceD View Post
This was in NO WAY caused by my stringers knowledge, or lack of. He is a VERY knowledgeable professional. I have done this TO MYSELF, by over doing it, my fist time back on a tennis court, serving balls and over-pronating my wrist, hitting too hard, with too light equipment.
Looking closely at the racquets I have that are strung with poly and syngut, hybrid by him, they have more life left in them than a recent purchase I made, if you read above.
I will be doing my restrings now with either the hybrid we have used or a total-soft setup that I will use the majority of the time, when I coach kids the game.
I just needed to clear that up, but thanks for adding the warning for those who may NOT have a trustworthy stringer.
Yes, I was just speaking generally, not accusing your stringer of not knowing. I have seen many stringers, even some MRTs, suggest to rec players the use of poly 'as a durability' option. It is unfortunate, but you are also right, there are many Great stringers out there that are informed.

The hurdle for many rec players is being fortunate enough to be able to 'stumble into' such knowledgeable stringers, as I feel there are the majority out there that are not as informed as they need to be about strings and thus you see too many people using poly for far too long, and who probably should be using a syn gut or multi. Unless as a player you are informed about strings, then finding an informed stringer is also going to be a challenge.

Of course to completely blame the stringers out there is not right also, as many players just want "a string that never breaks", and do not realize what other issues they are inviting when they demand "that big banger string that the pros use".

I was once on a court next to a group of senior ladies playing doubles, and overheard one of them talking about her "luxilon big banger" string and how "durable" it is... I really felt bad for her arm that had a 'Band-it' brace on it.
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