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Originally Posted by martini1 View Post
I actually have two favorites - either a 90 or a 98-100. I hit with some 95 before but never really demo them. Too much middle of the road for me.

If they stop making the Wilson tour 90 after Fed retires I would keep my 90 for keepsake and play less with them, using more of the 98-100 sticks.

BTW I think your bracket 98-104 throw a lot of votes off. 102, 104 sticks are OS light sticks but many tweener / player spec sticks are right at 98-100.
I didn't know that there are that many 102 and 104 sticks. In that bracket the majority are 98 or 100, hence the bracket. Similar thought applied to the other brackets. In the 87-92 only 90 strikes me a dominant, the rest (88, 89?) are fairly rare and I cannot think of a 91. In the 93-97 only 93 and 95 come to mind. I haven't seen a 96 though I know that there are some out there.
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