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Ok, I got your joke about marketing, and I can see that even Twaron could be something like what Graphine or Youtek is to us today (but who knows, Twaron could've been the great thing, people seem to love it). If they never changed the published specs, why do people think twaron is absent from the chinese frames? That's my understanding at least, but I could be reading the wrong things here... plus I read the original radical tour (bumblebee) didn't have twin tube, twin tube technology started in the zebra radical
You're right. Twin Tube was on the second iteration (and 3rd, 4th) radicals. Not sure how much twaron was a gimmick but someone in another thread did note that other companies can make a racquet with the buttery soft feel without twaron. Best example is the yonex rdx 500. That's as close to a 16x19 pro tour 280 as there is.
However, the Austrian and Chinese PT 280s were very different. The chinese ones aren't bad per se, but they're just any other racquet to me. I played with the Austrian ones 15 years ago and nothing felt like them.
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