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Originally Posted by chatt_town View Post
Don't really care about most of them...but I say Novak for the French. Nadal will get his @$$ handed to him this time around. Somebody with mean two hander will end up running him silly. He is not going to have enough match play for the grueling 7 matches it will take to win the French. If Novak doesn't win it...Fed will...and if neither of them....Murray. The only reason I pick Fed over Murray at this point is because it is clay. Fed is done now I think. He's the goat but I think Murray and Novak are going to be running things for a while now. Nadal is can stick a fork in him.



May we please remember that Novak merely adopted the clay. Rafa in the other hand was born into it, raised in it.. molded by it. It wasn't till Rafa was already a man till he stepped into hard courts.. and even then, it still wasn't too late for him to earn 2 slams on hard.. the clay will betray Novak because it belongs to Rafa!!!

(BTW, yes I took the liberty to take the dialogue from the Dark Knight Rises)
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