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Originally Posted by TennisCoachIN View Post
It's going to be a long couple of years of slapping, moonballing, crazy stuff. She just loves to play, am fine with that as long as she continues to hit with good technique.

Have a question for you TCF First though, My oldest daughter just turned 13. She is 5'1 and only 82 pounds. Very petite. She will be lucky to get to
5'4, of course should gain more weight. She is a solid player, however reality sets in when we has to play up a divison when there are no 14's and she sees bigger and stronger players. My question is based on her size if the goal is to play Lower Divison I or II college, what style of play do you recommend for her? Also a good string and tension. She uses AeroPro Drive, but wants to switch to Pure Drive. Her feet are her biggest asset. Thanks in advance for your time.
Great question and this is what bugs me about many coaches and tennis programs. They fail to customize toward the individual's personality, mental make-up, size, weight, etc. Erani, for example, could not play like Serena regardless if she tried. Many tease Caroline W. but maybe she has maximized her ability and good for her (she did reach #1 in the world). My point is you start to build the game around what they can do successfully and their personality and adjust as they grow and change (physically and mentally).

I believe you build the game around the make-up of your kid and then look to maximize whatever style that is. There are so many different styles that have been successful . . . just look at Erani to Radwanska. I love Serena but her game is built around perhaps the best serve in the history of women's tennis . . . take that serve away and her winning % would drop significantly.

And what if your daughter develops a unique style that is unlike anyone else? (hell, if you would have sent Nadal to a traditional coach they would have ruined him; same with Bjorn Borg, etc.). There's no simple answer . . . I just make sure every tournament and trip we take serves a purpose whether it be form, technique, mental, physical, emotional, etc., and that purpose is never primarily driven by points (however, that will change in the 16s but until then, it's about everything that touches her game).
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