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Have a question for you TCF First though, My oldest daughter just turned 13. She is 5'1 and only 82 pounds. Very petite. She will be lucky to get to
5'4, of course should gain more weight. She is a solid player, however reality sets in when we has to play up a divison when there are no 14's and she sees bigger and stronger players. My question is based on her size if the goal is to play Lower Divison I or II college, what style of play do you recommend for her? Also a good string and tension. She uses AeroPro Drive, but wants to switch to Pure Drive. Her feet are her biggest asset. Thanks in advance for your time.
I can tell you how fast slightly built shorter girl can win matches against bigger and stronger opponents. Obviously power and serving will be the biggest challenges. Make tennis match a running contest instead of hitting contest. Make sure she is very good at changing direction of the ball - she needs to own both crosscourt and down the line shots from both wings. Practice two on one drills as much as possible. Make her take the ball early and move to the ball instead of waiting for the ball to come to her. Serve must have a proper form as serve is big disadvantage. Teach her slice serve to open the court promptly to put opponent on the run. She needs to be comfortable moving inside the court to finish points at first opportunity.
There are a lot of girls 5'4" and under on strong D1 teams so do not set unnecessary limits for her.
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