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Better draw and he's in the final... most likely against an opponent coming off a hard 4-5 set match whilst he cruised with a routine in the semis....

This is a fine result!

Don't expect much in the French Open either Fed fans!

It's ALL about Wimbledon and the USO.

Look, if he donks out before the semis in both of those, then you can post some "getting worried" threads.

Man i can only wonder what is going to happen when Federer ultimately has that "Rosol" moment... it's coming, it's going to happen!

If there had been message boards when Sampras lost to Bastl the place would've blown up... they would've called for his head and missed the chance for that final slam at the 2002 USO.

What if Djoker gets hurt? Imagine a Wimbledon where there was no Djoker, and Nadal won a FO but after the clay season is just "shot" for wimbledon? who's the favorite? Pwnerer!
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