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Originally Posted by jonnyjack View Post
Hi guys,

I wasn't sure if I should put this in Racquets or this category. Please move if needed.

I just bought the Yonex RDiS 200 and will be stringing it up soon. The Klippermate website doesn't list the string length needed and neither does the Yonex website. So I'm asking the fellow owners, what length is needed for this racquet for both poly and synthetic gut when stringing two piece? I usually need to add anotehr foot to Klippermate's listed length when I use poly.

Thanks in advance!
16x19 pattern.

For Poly:

18' for mains will work but you'll likely need to bridge the final pull w/ a starting clamps so if you want to be safe, go with 18.5-19' without a starting clamp.

17' for the crosses will be plenty if you use a starting knot with a short tail and should be enough even if you use a starting clamp for your crosses. 17.5' if you want to be safe.

For syn gut, you can take 0.5' off those lengths.
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