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Originally Posted by Fearsome Forehand View Post
^ I have both versions, play both interchangeably, never noted much, if any, difference.

A lot of people agree with me but a lot of people prefer one version over another. I know people who prefer the Chinese versions. I know people who prefer the Austrian versions. I know people, like me, who think they play very similarly. To each his own.

All Pro Tour 280/630's (and Radicals and Prestiges) are great rackets IMHO.
There may be different Chinese versions but I'm not sure. Some posters noted that the chinese ones were less headlight. My experience confirmed this but it may have just been the ones I hit with. I am definitely not in the camp that thinks Austrian racquets are always better but with the PT 280s, I thought so. I don't think the LM range of racquets were good (they sucked), including the well regarded LM Radical, and all of the early ones were made in Austria.
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