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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post

Since you mentioned Trabert, I was trying to find a relatively current equivalent in style and in relative strength to Trabert. Trabert was a terrific baseliner with an excellent return as well as a very good serve and volleyer. He was not the most agile however. I thought of a couple, one is Agassi for the return and groundies. Agassi wasn't exactly fast either. The second is Boris Becker. The problem I have with Becker is that Becker wasn't that good on clay, having never won a clay tournament. Becker had a better serve imo but Trabert's was pretty goo.

My questions are this, how strong would you say Trabert was at his peak? I think he was excellent. Second, who do you think is a relatively close equivalent to Trabert in the last twenty to thirty years?
I thought about Boris, too.But Kodes is the answer.Good serve and volley, steady and deep groundies, Kodes was a bit less percutant but had better footwork.

Both great on natural surfaces, grass and clay but not as strong indoors.

Kodes is the better choice.
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