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Originally Posted by centercourt1745 View Post
Sorry fans of Djokovic. Unfortunately, Head did a good paint job.
Watching Australia Open photos we realize that the racket that nole is using is not the same as this for sale.
First physically resembles the new and even less in its string pattern.
  The one used by Nole is not shared however the new version on sale Shared Holes: 9H 8H 8T 9T
I used to think that was just good speculation on this forum. During one of Djokes matches, can't remember, but one of the announcers mentioned Djokes new racquet, the other guy who probably wasn't thinking said "We in (what do you call it, where they test and design new racquets) call that just a new paintjob".

I know my 6.1 BLX 90 is the same as the new PS 6.1 Fed plays, same mold, everything except for paint and the silly grip thing.
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