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Originally Posted by jonnyjack View Post
Packs, I got a bunch of the Kirschbaum Super Smash Orange. That's why I'm asking since the first pack I got was just a tad shorter than 40 feet.

Thanks but this is why I'm asking fellow RDiS 200 owners. On my RDiS 100, it needed 21 feet for SPPP and my RDS 003 needed 20 feet for the mains. Klippermate's website listed 20 and 19 feet respectively. All three racquets are 16x19. I'm not worried about the crosses right now since I'm going to use synthetic gut packs and since those stretch so much, I will have plenty of string left.

Thanks for the replies so far.
i've strung the RDiS 200s and i generally buy reels. if you're using packs, just cut the lengths in half. you'll have plenty even you only have 38'. 19' is plenty for the mains. if you're worried about running short, then do 20' for the mains and 18' for crosses. with 18' for the crosses, you'll have over 2' left over.

how are you liking the stick so far? i prefer the RDS001 MP over the RDiS 200 and RDiS 100 MP.
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