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Originally Posted by tdhawks View Post
I just restrung my APDGT with a full bed of Black Code 17 58lbs this past week. I was looking for more feel and a little more pop. My stringer suggested it to see how it feels. I was using a hybrid of Prince Synthetic 16 and Black Code 17 strung at 58 for the past year.

I really liked the play of the full poly. I only hit for 2 hours with it, but felt great grib on the ball and had some good pop on my serves and ground strokes. I'm curious to see how it plays over the next couple weeks.

I generally get some pain in the elbow after a while but felt no pain with this set up. I have been hearing all the pain with poly, yet didn't experience it at all when I played this weekend.

Is this because the string is fresh and hasn't gone dead yet or perhaps I'm just lucky and it may not bother me?
More then likely this answer. Fresh poly rarely bothers arms, once it dies however that's when the real pain can come!

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