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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
Now think about what that did to your string. Each time the string slip in the clamp it eats into the string. Best to have your clamps adjusted right before you start so you don't damage the string while stringing. Like I said it takes practice to get the feel of the right pressure so your string doesn't slip and isn't crushed. Make sure your clamps are clean.
ok so i pre-adjusted the clamps before trying my 2nd racquet. Cleaned the clamps with alcohol. basically i got the clamping to a point where the strings did not slip... however, the "texture" of the clamps left marks on the strings. They are not visible, but if you run the strings between your fingers, you can feel the texture that the clamps left. Is this ok? Just fyi, the strings I've been using are some cheap 16 gauge synthetic gut that came with machine.

Is this normal?
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