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Originally Posted by suppawat View Post
Even though I am not playing the Platinum 99 anymore, but I still miss the fast/soft/solid feel of that racquet. I played it since it was a prototype in softer and stiffer layup. The stiffer one seems to work best, and it finally becomes X-Dual Platinum 99. Solinco Barb Wire at 52lbs works best for me.

A year later I had a chance to play the similar frame in a different layup and weight. It feels like Gold 99 (310g, 66RA, 310mm) with 18x20 string pattern. It's a really nice frame. Most pros/players who tried it easily fell in love with it. Donnay should have made this racquet for public.

surprised i never got my hands on one of these... love the thin beamed all blacked out rackets... so cool looking
4 PS97. My shoulder decided enough was enough with the heavy frames
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