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Originally Posted by Tacco View Post
Hey VS, here in Italy there's lot of people waiting for your final opinion about the matter. They know your experience on "Head things" and your reliability about classic frames, so... what do you think about my questions?
Do you agree with retro who remembers the first of many Asian-made Head frames in 1989, maybe with a silver butt-cap sticker as the one I posted (what I didn't understand is if on that sticker there was any "Made in" writing or not...)?
And do you really have never seen a sticker like that on a Head frame?
What is the most likely country of origin of those frames in your opinion? Lower end austrian frames? Designed in Austria/Made in Czech Rep. (but was there a Czech plant in 1989/1990?)? Asian-Made (but... without any writing for that origin? And as for the previous alternative, do you know when Head opened its first implant in China, Taiwan or other east country)?
If there is no Made In Austria anywhere on the frame then from that time period they would have been made in Taiwan. I have never seen that sticker without it saying Made in Austria or USA.
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