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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
I agree that I would rather not have stacking ... but the USTA is not prepared to stop it so they ignore it. By doing so, the USTA forces captains to vary their lineups so that they are not the victims of stacking themselves.

Someone once suggested an app to be placed on your smart phone, whereby each team enters their lineup and the computer spits out the appropriate matchups based on player ratings.
With my estimated ratings, perhaps I'll write this app

But we all know that ratings don't tell the whole story as well. Someone who plays predominantly singles may not play doubles at the same level and vice-versa. And with doubles, some play better/worse with different partners. And specific match-ups of strengths/weaknesses against the opponent that day often override who is "better".

That said, having some rules about not being able to play the lesser NTRP (combined for doubles) on a lower number court does have merit. And of course, the app you suggest could go farther to require that the courts are ordered strongest to weakest according to the ratings. Even with the previous paragraph I wrote, this would likely still result in more competitive matches than letting the sometime bizarre stacking we see continue.
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