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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
In my experience, the number of stringers who rush through jobs so they can do over 10 racquets in one day outnumbers the people who care about their work. If you have 3 string jobs and one of them is an outlier, it's very possible that the outlier is the only good one out of the 3. Tonic was a bit of an outlier for me because the RacquetTune readings were unusually high.
ah! that is certainly possible. And I didn't really think about that possibility.

But it's been 6-7 months since I had it strung as I recall. And it felt dead
and unplayable immediately after it's got strung. Now after 6-7months, it is registering
66 lbs and that is so wrong. I mean it is more wrong than other.
So I conclude that is the outlier.

BT7 does register pretty high. for string bed #1,#2 in my OP, registering
#52 and #56 seem pretty high...

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