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Originally Posted by TheJRK View Post
Dats - took the kiddos over to the gym and trusted the 16 year old girl to not them die while the wife and I worked out. So far so good...
dude, how old is your youngest? i thought they're supposed to be 6months at the youngest? i don't think i could leave my 4month at that daycare... maybe ill bring the monitor and set it up there.. ha! or maybe an electronic gps anklet so i can track her location.
but i have been trying to go to the gym and that would make it easier...
i am still hovering near crappy NFL qb height/weight (and im not quite at the same body fat level as these guys!)
Dalton, Andy 6'2" 220 lbs
Gradkowski, Bruce 6'1" 220 lbs

and not Sampras/Rafter/Nadal 6'1 190lbs

gotta keep hittin that treadmill and trying to play basketball with the eclectic collection of Sudanese and Yemeni (ok, i have no idea where they are from... but thats my guess) high school dudes that run back and forth on the court without a clue on how to set a pick or play defense. but last time i played, i had 0 pts (0for4 shooting), 8 rebounds, 1 block. the block was pretty epic though! but I am obviously too fat and old to play basketball now too. (sigh)

almost got a bite on selling the IG Speed but nobody bumped my thread.. sniff.. cmon.. i wanna try the BLX pro tour! sounds like my game.. PRO effin TOUR pal!
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