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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Well, it will affect all the manufacturers equally then, and the free market will set in. Consumers who want to avoid the foods will avoid them, and those who think the GMO ones are cheaper or not harmful, will still buy them. Eventually, someone may come up with a non-GMO food for a cheaper price, maybe not.

Why not let the market decide after providing all the information?
The California law was bad because it excluded foods represented by a number of powerful lobbying groups/lobbyists, including dairy, alcohol and restaurant foods.

I agree with Olli that it would contribute to mass hysteria, in a sense, without cause. As Olli also mentioned, virtually all plants and animals have been "genetically modified" at this point in history and the only real concern is potential (and very hypothetical) increased allergenicity. Just buy organic foods and don't worry about it.
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