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Originally Posted by SwankPeRFection View Post
If you have players who can't move up and who cannot play against player like that, then you need to tell them to stop playing low *** league teams. If you're a 3.5, play at 4.0 if you want to move up. There is no reason why a 3.5 person should be playing anything lower than 4.0 if they want to move up. Playing 3.5 is just asking for problems, more-so if the person wanting to move up cannot mentally deal with the junkballers and pushers out there in the 3.5 and below leagues.
I disagree, rather strongly actually.

If you are 3.5 and wish to be 4.0, but you cannot dominate 3.0/3.5 players because they hit so much junk and crap and garbage, then you seriously need to work on your technique and you are not ready to move up.

Brace yourselves for this little rant that is coming, because here it comes.

Ladies and others who want to move up and are within the sound of my voice:

You need to knock it off. If you cannot beat someone who does not hit with pace, you are not as good as you think you are.

If you miss because someone is pushing or lobbing or hitting like a 2.5, the problem is that *you* have crap technique.

If you do manage to claw your way up to the next level before learning to deal with junkballers, pushers and slow-ballers, do you know what awaits you? Opponents who will test you to see if you can handle junk, that's what. If you cannot, you will see junk all night.

I can tell you that if someone is beating my best strokes, one of the first things I will try is taking off pace, especially on balls my opponent needs to volley. Their poor technique will be my best friend.

If you want to move up, play your level and play it well. Play up also. But play your level and *crush* anyone who dares to get on the same court with you and stink the place up.

Sorry for the rant, but as a captain of 7.5 combo and 4.0 ladies, I just can't take it anymore. The next one of my doubles pairs that comes off the court after a loss to a couple of pushers, complaining that their opponent "didn't give them any pace," is gonna get an earful from me.
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