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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
This is all fine....but, the other side of the coin is just as big a deal. Many, many times I have heard parents grumble that the other kid was cheating. I am standing right next to them and clearly see the call was correct.

Cheating is an issue but so is parents and kids imagining every close call is a giant problem and an excuse....or simply being dead wrong and the kid closest to the ball actually made the right call.

Frankly I think the excuse making and waiting for a close call to play the victim/excuse card is every bit or more of a problem long term than the actual cheating.
True. And when you are the parent you need to be very careful about judging your opponents calls. You will always be biased. Let the kids play. If there is a problem during the match don't interupt, make it a constructive learning experience post-match.
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