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Originally Posted by kanamit View Post
Ok, maybe a little bit of an overstatement. But ONLY a little bit of one. Does anybody think that Djokovic's victory in the final was not significantly facilitated by Murray having to play Fed in the semis. Or that Fed's 5-set loss to Murray was due in part to more wear and tear from a far tougher draw than Murray had (especially a 5-setter against Tsonga in the previous round)?

Right now these three are so evenly matched in terms of capabilities that something as random as road to the final can significantly affect the outcome of matches between them. My guess is that until Nadal returns, the winner of the tourneys will be whichever player draws Ferrer in his half.

He is the only one that draws Ferrer in his half at the slams.

Maybe ITF want him to break the slam record?

Nadal is a goner. Federer is old. Murray refuses to use the ****. Ferrer can remain #4 and Nole will continue to draw him in his half.

Even if Federer drops to #3, Nole will continue getting Ferrer while #2 Murray gets #3 Federer.

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