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The concept of pusher has always amused me a bit. If you are a good player you sooner or later need to learn how to beat this type of game. It might be annoying at times, but its part of the game. I am currently at a 4.0 level and this is one of the things I find annoying about this level. There is a huge huge tendency to overhit. The right shot in many situations is to loop the ball back into play not go for the 5% percentage blasting shot. I have never been close to being called a pusher, but have noticed recently some 4.0s and even 4.5s self destructing after just getting one or two extra balls back.

In terms of stacking, I am currently one of the only 4.0s on a 4.5+ 40s team. I recently played number 1 singles against a 5.0 player ahead of many 4.5s and a 5.0. In this particular case I was the right choice for the match as I am currently in good form and was one of the stronger players available. I actually lost in a pretty close 3 set match. I am kind of on the extreme as I am a pretty strong 4.0, but I have also seen other similar cases in matches. I think people should just get over it and play tennis. There might be a match or two won do to these tactics but in the end they even out.
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