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Originally Posted by pjonesy View Post
For the Blue 99, I had Volkl Cyclone 18g in mains and Isospeed Control Arm Protection multi 1.30(16g). It gave me even more spin, decent power and good control. But the feel was muted. As I lost feel, I started hitting more spin and was hitting too short. Can't remember tension exactly. Under 50lbs for Cyclone in mains and mid 50s for Isospeed multi.
Currently I am using a full bed of Tourna Quasi gut 17g in the x Platinum. String tension is 59. Much livelier string, but it provides a tremendous amount of spin. The ball will fly, if you catch it late. If you cover the ball well and hit a long full stroke, the Quasi gut pays off. Power and spin galore. Combined with the potential racquet head speed of the x platinum, it is lethal. I'm still adjusting to the racquet and string myself. But once I get locked in, I expect to be in total control of baseline rallies.
Thanks Pjonesy - great info!

Originally Posted by Kal-El 34 View Post
surprised i never got my hands on one of these... love the thin beamed all blacked out rackets... so cool looking
They look KILLER! Kal if you get one and want to sell please let me know
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