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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
well - this is the 2nd time i watched the final... and honestly every point looks the same.

it's really a shame.
That's not the point, I agree, boring, it SEEMS like they are just slamming back and forth, and to some degree do, but to say there is no strategy is incorrect, that is demonstrable.

Murray for example slamming to Feds backhand then coming to the net, that's strategy, it's not there is no strategy, it's just not, in my opinion, as stategy intensive as the "Old" game.

I mean todays game is a bit like chess, "If I kill it to his forehand where he can barely get it, where will HE hit it", they did a cool job of showing some patterns, Murray of all people they showed for example going left, then right, then right behind Fed running the wrong way (A Fed move).

I think the whole point of this thread is really saying "Modern Tennis is boring", I agree, but it doesn't mean it's worse or there is no strategy.
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