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Originally Posted by toddsullivan View Post
Would you be interested in selling your Spaulding smasher? I am the son of the inventor, paul sullivan, and I am putting a display case together to hold his rackets for his 72 b-day. I can't seem to find a first generation of this racket until I saw it here. Please let me know. Much appreciated, Todd
I'd rather not sell the racket, as I'm quite fond of it. However, there is one on **** right now which I assume you've already seen (Item number: 271116928694)

Is there some reason you don't want that one? Mine is the same as that one except for the grip size (which I wouldn't expect would matter for a racket only intended for display). Mine is also a "Smasher III" (that's what it says on the head cover), and also has the "S" integrated into the throat bridge. So like the one on ****, mine is probably not what you'd consider a "first generation". The early ones had a plain throat bridge without an "S", and I assume they didn't have a "III" after the name "Smasher", like so:

The reason I didn't know the model name of my Spalding racket when I first made this thread several years ago is because where it says "Smasher III" on the head cover is very faded, you can barely make it out if you look closely under good light, and I didn't notice it at the time (it is very faded on the one on **** too, must have been a problem with the type of ink they used to print that particular text).

Tell your father I said happy birthday and that I love his invention. By the way, does he know whether the aluminum was solid or hollow?

(note: for some reason this forum software automatically replaces the name of the famous online auction site with asterisks, but I'm sure you can figure out what I'm referring to)
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