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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
But your question is: "Is Nike tennis fading away?". That's the title of this thread, right? So the answer is NO. Even if no male pros wear Nike, we will STILL have Nike Tennis.
Yes, I see your logic, bp. But I also talked about Nike FADING away, meaning being dropped to 2nd or 3rd place, losing the driver's seat.

As for women's line, it is a complete different market mentality. A few rich club players would buy their fashion centric dresses, but yet I do not see the majority buying the star featured dresses at all. They wear shorts or tight yoga outfit. And contrary to men, they do not wear tennis shirts as daily wear from my experience. Just like very few women would wear sports jersey to go out.

In many places women's nike/adidas would go on sale year round while some men's shoes are fixed priced until they are truly close to end of the season.
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