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Originally Posted by Maui19 View Post
Who in their right mind wants to play junkballers? Seriously. I can beat junkballers all day long, but who wants that grind? It's not fun, it's not rewarding, it's the dark underbelly of tennis. So why would anyone willfully choose to play them if there is another path?
If you are a 3.5, say, and you can beat 3.0 and 3.5 junkballers all day long, you will be launched into 4.0 in no time flat.

If you instead make too many errors because you cannot handle their junk and soft shots, then you do not belong at 4.0. IMHO.

Geez. I used to get destroyed by junk ballers in 3.5 doubles all the time. It was so frustrating, watching myself die of a thousand cuts as they hacked away at the ball.

Then I fixed my strokes and I love hitting that slow, high cheese. I cannot remember the last time I was even threatened in doubles against such players. Lo and behold, I was bumped to 4.0. Go figure.
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