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I strung the 17l hex soft in my RDiS 100 mp at 48. Overall it was decent but nothing special. I haven't tried the regular hex yet, but I believe it would be better from the reviews I'm seeing. This string was soft which I am grateful for as I have had a few tingles in my elbow recently, but other than that my normal set up of TB/Navy was much better in every category. I haven't tried too many strings, but the best way for me to describe this is bhb7 with less spin and a slightly different feel.

It lasted me 8-12 hours until breaking, and I broke it on a shank at the grommet (not something I usually do with poly but 17l is thinner than I usually go). I don't know about tension maintenance, but this string kept most of it's playing characteristics until about 2 hours before it broke. It didn't go stiff like some polys, but it felt lifeless at that point.
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