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Originally Posted by Lilguy1456 View Post
Spin, durability, comfort...this string has it all. Is there a superior string that I'm missing? Yes yes, I know, it's all about personal preference...just wanna hear some thoughts from people who have tried all the best polys.
If you are committed to full beds of poly, and place a high priority on comfort and spin, I don't think you can do better than Dunlop Black Widow 18. A bit more arm friendly than BHBR, BHB7, and lots more comfy than Tour Bite. However these edged polys do better at baseline than at the net.

Gut Mains Poly Xs will give you all the spin of a full poly job, (if not more) is far more comfortable, will add a bit more power, and is much more suited to an all court/doubles play. It's exactly the reason the Gut/Poly combo has become the standard for the doubles guys on the ATP Men's Tour, with 7 out of the top 8 points leaders rocking that combo. However, it's more pricey, gut isn't terribly durable, especially if you play singles on clay.

But that's why there is no "best" string, and there never will be. It's just a matter of trade-offs, just a matter of priorities, for as far as the eye can see, from now until the end of time. Welcome to Hell/Heaven on earth for obsessive compulsive gear heads.

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