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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Ha!! You and I had the same weekends!! My girl who is 8 lost in the finals to a 12 year old who literally never swung at a ball! She was tall and long armed and blocked everything back. It was on clay so my girl was working her tail off but just could not break through.

And this was the g12s so prepare for a long spell of it.
Originally Posted by TCF View Post
I would love to see her play. I left that tournament so proud. My girl gave up a foot in height, 30-50 lbs to every opponent. She played one entire set with a bloody nose, never even let me or any adult know it was bleeding as her court was in the middle of a row of courts. All I could see is she kept going to the water fountain and washing it. Never gave up, ended the match with a shirt covered in blood, got to the finals and lost to one of the tallest, long armed, pushing freaks of a girl I have ever laid eyes on!

But she gained a ton of valuable experience.

Opponent was older...
Opponent was taller...
Opponent was bigger
Opponent had long arms...
Opponent was a pusher...
Opponent was a freak...
Oh, and your player couldn't break through because of the clay and was injured...

Careful TCF... sounds an awful lot like all of the excuses you used to get on Brad about after a loss.
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