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Originally Posted by Xavier G View Post
Court, Navratilova, Graf, Evert, King, Serena would be my top 6. Serena had a very impressive last six months of 2012 and she may deserve to go higher in any rankings. She may be above Evert and King already, but they won so many tournaments and had such great consistency (especially Chrissie) over so many years, more so than Williams, I think.
How could you possibly even consider putting her above Evert when Chris has 18 majors to Serena's 15, even if you are only basing your criteria just on majors won?? I'm not even going to go into how many years Evert was #1, how many more weeks Evert was #1, total singles titles, consistent dominance and all the other criteria that judging the very best should be based upon - it's not ALL about the majors.

Bottom line is Serena is one of the all time greats but her career isn't nearly as sterling as the best four ever of Graf, Navratilova, Evert and Court. Yes, she had a good second half of 2012 but even that wasn't enough to return her to #1 in the world, which in this very weak era of women's tennis she should have a lock on and be dominating like no other woman before her since when she's healthy no one can seem to even come close to beating her. So why hasn't she stepped up - she either can't or won't but either answer tarnishes her legacy and makes it less than it could have been.

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