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Default Vibration Dampeners -- My experience with this dozen +


It is nearly impossible to knock a worm type off since most have two plastic clips that attach in an area where you should never hit a ball. The "O" shaped damps can get knocked out perhaps if you're lunging for a net shot. An easy fix for that is to tie a piece of sewing thread through the hole and around a string. May come out when hit but still hang from the thread saving your from ceaselessly roaming the court trying to find an untied one.


1.4 - Pete Sampras Tourna
1.6 - Menard's Grommets, 1/2" ID
1.7 - Babolat Custom Damp (no barbell)
1.7 - Tecnifibre Vibra Clip
1.8 - Prince/Ektelon Silencer
1.9 - Babolat Custom Damp II (no barbell)
2.0 - Pacific Vibra
2.2 - Prince Tour
2.3 - Head Smartsorb
2.6 - Dunlop Biomimetic
2.6 - Forten Spectra Worm
2.6 - McMaster-Carr Grommets, 1/2" ID
2.8 - Tennis Warehouse Worm
2.8 - Babolat Custom Damp II (with barbell)
2.9 - Gamma Shockbuster
3.1 - Serpent
3.3 - Babolat Custom Damp (with barbell)
3.4 - Tourna Shock Off
3.5 - Dunlop (square)
3.9 - Yonex Vibration Stopper Dampener
4.6 - Gamma TNT Core
?.? - Babolat Racquet Vibration System (loaned out but never got back so can't weigh)

  • Best TRADITIONAL is McMaster Carr 1/2" Grommet
  • Best WORM is Serpent Dampener

Normally I prefer worm dampeners that cover lots of strings to get the greatest total damp. Yet lately I've even been using three McMaster grommets that dampen well and add weight right where I want it. Reality is any style, shape or weight will work to varying degrees in deadening the sound. You spend hundreds a year on balls, overgrips, sticks, and shoes so try a few dampeners and have some fun!

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