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Originally Posted by travlerajm View Post
Also, I rarely use standard formations. When I serve in the deuce, I prefer to use Aussie as my standard formation to take away the lob return.

On my partner's serve, I almost always start from the aussie position, because it's possible to poach without conceding the point if the returner gets the return past me (because my serving partner gets to start from the middle).
Here's a guy who understands mixed. It is a different animal completely, and it requires different skills. Most guys, I think, just play the way they always play and then get annoyed when they don't win.

My new 8.0 partner (a 4.0 guy) gets it. I do not know how he plays men's mixed. When he partners, he considers it a mission straight from God to be a huge nuisance at the net. He misses a lot of volleys. It doesn't matter. By the time he is finished daring the opponents to get the ball past him, they have missed enough to offset any volleys he might miss.
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Uh oh. Travlrejm? You OK?

I hope nobody targeted him because he was winning too many 8.0 matches . . . .
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