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you're position @ :09s looks pretty good. I think they were launched because of the face angle at contact. swing path is fine. this is one reason i think you hit too late. if contact was made more out in front there would have more brushing action. You should also try to work on closing the racquet face. That would happen naturally if you used your body to bring the racquet around instead of your arm because if you notice if you pause it at 09s the racquet is in the correct position. face is closed. buttcap pointed. if you would have just rotated keeping that structure then that would have been a good hit.
I am going to hit against the wall again tomorrow and take it up a notch above casual. Like I said before, I believe I do open my stance up and get the knees bent more in a real point (you can find plenty of vids with pros warming up and having very neutral/easy going strokes), but if I want to make these adjustments into real point habits, you gotta play like they're real points. Based on what we've discussed, I'm assuming you would agree that an open stance gives me better upper body rotation potential, and that should help eliminate the fence ball like what 09s would have been.

Btw, I got the video links working on virtualtennisacademy, so I'll be watching the millennium movie after my next post or two
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