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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
now i now why i thought you had a conservative grip.
Here's a good tip: change your grip style. That grip style you are using is not the best for the type of swing you are going for. I'm not talking about semiwestern/eastern etc. semi is fine. I'm referring to the way you hold your semi.
I highly recommend you grip the racquet all the way down to the end of the buttcap and don't spread your fingers the way you are doing. The way you are holding it is more conducive to an old school neutral stance linear swing powered by the arm. You are choking up and your fingers are spread.
When I grab my racquet naturally with a SW grip and extend the wrist back, the end of the butt cap is even with the base of my heel pad. I also develop this linear brown-ish callus after not playing for a bit

what do you mean by "neutral stance linear swing?" I imagine it's an accurate description since you also say it's powered by the arm (and my arm does most of the swinging in the casual neutral stance), I just can't picture it with only those four words
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