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Originally Posted by wintintu View Post
Nah I don't agree with this thread! I believe Djokovic would have won regardless and the gap between the two is actually wider than I would have wanted to believe. My biggest, most incredibly annoying frustration with Murray is the amount of times he hit unbelievable shots to the very corners of the court and WILL NOT FOLLOW IT IN. FOLLOW THE BALL IN!

I completely understand that Djokovic has the most amazing passing shot in the game but I am talking about the shots where Djokovic is at his absolute limit to put a racket on them and get a weak slice back into play. Those are the shots when Murray needs to be at the net and gratefully accept the easy putaway volley. I think he is failing himself masively here and is something he needs to make a conscious effort to improve. Be a bit bolder. Take the easy volley, don't engage in another drawn out needless baseline rally instead when you have already earned the point. Novak will wear you down from the baseline.
+1. The proof?

There were a number of times when Murray had to restart a point. If you hit an amazing shot and your opponent throws up a hail Mary and you waiting at the baseline to bounce that ball and play a routine groundstroke, you probably just missed a chance to come in.
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