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When I grab my racquet naturally with a SW grip and extend the wrist back, the end of the butt cap is even with the base of my heel pad. I also develop this linear brown-ish callus after not playing for a bit

what do you mean by "neutral stance linear swing?" I imagine it's an accurate description since you also say it's powered by the arm (and my arm does most of the swinging in the casual closed stance), I just can't picture it with only those four words
From the first paragraph, I see you examples and I can always look at more, but would you say should I be going from what I'm using to getting my pinky level with the bottom of the butt cap and make a fist, or maybe keep where my hand is but bring my fingers closer together to make a fist (the pointer finger is def spaced the farthest out, but I'm seeing that in the pics you posted, Nadal's being the most obvious)? With the way I'm holding the racquet now, the slope of the butt cap up to the rest of the grip fits so nice into my pad/palm, it was just a comfort thing that I've always used.

And can you comment on the second paragraph please
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