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Originally Posted by ace_pace View Post
I have this weird problem of sometimes hitting the ball with my forehand way too far out in front (I've been learning and using the pull style forehand similar to Fed/Nadal/Verdasco). Whenever I start playing tennis, the contact point gradually shifts more and more out in front rendering the stroke weak and out of control. Anyone else have this problem and what are the possible ways of of preventing and/or fixing this?
For me when I hit too far out front I hit too flat. The stroke is actually quite powerfull, but lacks sufficient spin to stay in usually. I tell my self to wait, just let the ball come to me. Even when someone is pounding it at you, as long as you're split stepping when then hit you usually have plenty of time to set up. I also try to focus on the desired contact point and keep my eyes on it when I swing.
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