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Originally Posted by iyudhi View Post
I can understand that some of you don't like Uniqlo.. but what's up with the demeaning comments?

Look, I don't like Old Navy as much as the next guy.. But I happen to like Uniqlo.. Their ultra light down jacket has helped me surviving winter without the weight.. and as an avid traveller, I also appreciate that it doesn't take too much space..

Also, I like Nike tennis shirts, but can't stand Adidas.. does that make me a bad guy?

I'm not asking for opinions on the quality of the shirts.. I just want to know where to get them in US (which some people have responded, and very much appreciated). That's it..
A perfect example of why Nike and probably most companies could care less if they make good quality stuff or not, people will buy it either way, so they will continue to raise the price.
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